Overcome the words, TaiJiFitness word's meaning, is the seeking balance in any aspect of your life, work, fitness, social, health, all together they make up what we are, and what we are, leads us to make decision every day. It's a circle, not a line with a start and a end.


Training is a theory ..! This means that it is valid only as long as it works and that is not 'all the same.
The theory of Tai Ji Fitness as such, may not work so well, but ...., the first point you'll never know unless you try, second point Eastern philosophy says that you have to believe in what you do if you want it happen. This discipline, obtained by fusing the ancient art of Taijiquan and the most innovative research in the field of Fitness aims to create in those who practice it, the feeling that wellness is a lifestyle, a philosophy.



Athletic training alone is not enough to create the athletes successful, an athlete must have a mindset

winning. The Samurai in Japan, the Shaolin monks in China, they realized that in addition to hard exercise should train the mind. Once the mind learns and convinces her to do something, do it physically is very simple. The method and route used by samurai warriors and monks were meditating. Athletic training with the method TaiJiFitness integrates the increasingly effective and innovative training methodologies, with the enormous power of meditation. Carefully inserted in the right training meditation sessions improve and enhance the performance exponentially.


  • THE GOLEM A book that leaves you full of questions, the desire is to read it again, the fear that the book is the hat Athanasius Pernath
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  • We go wrong, because we want to fix the problem, with one that generates the problem itself. I'm strongly convinced, that we can fight corruption with the same tool that generate it.That i mean is that, man is the focus, target,goal of this problem ...
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Natural Remedies

  • LEMON JUICE'S POWER The lemon juice is acidic, its main ability is that of the body have an action contrary, that is alkalizing. The citric acid during the metabolism is oxidized, and the ...
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