Class Project

This is the main assignment for the year. You'll update your websites by using PHP code and updating a database on your Web server.  If you don't have a website yet, make a home page and have links to other pages using Dreamweaver.  Add a form to get information from your website users.  The information from the form goes into the database.  To start with get this to run on your own computer and then when it works good it will be good to get it running on the Internet.

Install XAMPP on your computer so you have a local server running on your computer.  From that Run Apache and MySQL.  I noticed if my Skype was running on my computer that was on the same Port the Apache wanted so I just signed out of Skype.  You could change the ports if you wanted.

By using PHP MyAdmin you can create a MySQL database and related tables like I showed in class to have a database that will be connected to your website.

By using Dreamweaver you can create your website pages and use them to connect to your MySQL database that you created using PHP MyAdmin

To pass the class you need to show me your website that takes information from you or your users and adds it to your database.  Also, it needs to be able to Change information in the database that is already in there and you need to be able to delete records in the database. 

The reason for this project assignment is that you can use this in your future career to have a website and get information from your clients, students, colleagues  etc.  Some of you might want to use this to start you own business.  Good Luck. Please finish this by ______ 2016. For the slow pokes in the class that need to have another week the last day that you can finish this is _____, 2016.  If you come to the classes in the meantime I'll help you finish this.  I would like you to get it running online and I'll show you how.  If you are too lazy to come to class and get it done with my help then you are responsible to finish it on your own.  I WILL NOT SIGN YOUR CREDIT BOOKS IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THIS PROJECT.  Duane H.