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About the Journal

Informology, which has been published quarterly by the Cultural Research Bureau of Iran since Autumn 2003 is an Iranian journal in the field of librarianship, Information Science and Technology. The majority of the articles in the journal are in Persian language. However it publishes English articles as well if any submitted. The journal presents table of contents and the abstracts of articles in English. This journal has a Scientific – Analytical approach and deals with theoretical aspects of information science and all of the related domains such as Information Technology, Information need assessment, information seeking behaviour, Information Systems and services.

The Journal of Informology attempts to provide suitable context for enhancing of thought and research on all infrastructures which are related to information science, specially those which enjoy functional and conceptual approaches.

To reach to this goal , the" informology" has been considered and defined with a broad sense as science of knowing of information, information potentials, information ecosystems, devices of information transmission and also as policies, strategies and methods related to information science. So, all researches , students, librarians, information scientists, and professionals whose professions are related to above-mentioned topics are among potential audiences of the Journal of Informology.

The Editor in Chief of the journal is Dr.Narges Neshat (narges_neshat at yahoo . com), and Dr. Abbas Horri is Director of the Journal.

Editorial Board

  • A. Horri, Professor, Tehran University
  • Z. Hayati, Associate Professor, Shiraz University
  • F. Osareh, Associate Professor, Ahvaz Univesity
  • R. Fattahi, Associate Professor, Univesity of Ferdowsi
  • A.H. Farajpahloo, Associate Professor, Ahvaz Univesity
  • J. Mehrad, Professor, Shiraz University
  • N. Neshat, Assistant Professor, National Library of Iran

What is Informology?

Term "Informology", as it is understood through its composition, imply study of information. Like names of other disciplines that contains suffix "LOGY" (such as Psychology and Sociology), the first part of the composition imply to theme of the discipline and in this case the main theme is information. Although the term and concept of information is not new and it has been discussed for more than 60 years from 1940 up to now, "informology" as an independent domain is not old. The term "informology" first coined in 1993 in Iran (Horri) and one year later in 1994 it was applied in Russia (Mokiy). Presumably two scientists i.e. Horri from Iran and Mokiy from Russia did not know anything about each other’s work. Hence it has been used with two different point of view and approach. Informology in the sense it has been used in Iran is a science, which as a fundamental domain tries to know information and its framework, dimensions and aspects. While informology in Russian sense deals rather with information regarding information systems and information environment. To find out more about informology refer to the article "Informology: A Review of concepts and theories" by Abbas Horri in the first issue of the journal "Informology". The article is in Farsi Language.

  • Horri, Abbas (1993), "Informology", Faslname-ye ketab, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 393-395.
  • Mokiy, V. S. (1994), "Problems of economic informology". Internationa Scientific- Practical Conference. Moscow , 16-18 Dec.

Submission Guide

The Journal of Informology welcomes sole submissions of research and discussion articles and book reviews. The Journal of Informology is edited according to " the APA Manual of Style". All manuscripts should be typed by MS Word and the floppy must be attached to the article. The first page should have the title of the article and the name and affiliation of the author(s) and contact details including postal address and email if available. The second page should consist of an English abstract of about 150 words. The references should be typed alphabetically on separate page or pages. The footnotes should include only significant notes and terminology.


If you are not in Iran, please contact to editor in chief via email. If you are in Iran, youcan download subscription form, fill it out and post it.


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