Advertising and Advertisement

Advertising Designing, Management, Production and Publishing

Book Dealer (Book Collecting)

Book Indexing 


Brand management (Management des marques)

Business Intelligence


Competitive Analysis

Competitive Intelligence 

Consumer intelligence (Consumer behavior analysis on social networks)

Content Management

Desk Research and Data Analysis

Facebook marketing

Information Audit

Information Consulting

Information Dealer

Information Intelligence and Intelligence Assessment

Information Services

Information Support

Information Technology

Intellectual Property Intelligence (IP Intelligence)

Intelligence on social networks

Internet Marketing

Journal Indexing

Knowledge Mapping

Market mapping

Media Advertising Agents

Media Professional Marketing

Patent Intelligence, Patent Analysis, and Patentometrics (Intellectual Property Intelligence)

Scientometric Analysis of Publications

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SiteMap Design

Social Network Marketing using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, …

Web Designing

Website Advertising via Blogs

Website Advertising via Social Media

Website Analysis

Website Indexing via Search Engines

Website Log File Analysis (Web Analytics)