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Now we know dwarfstar elenin is heading our way we need to implament our survival
plan ,you must start to put the plan together now as we  may only have weeks left before elenin comes in close to earth and causes extensive damage on a global scale.
first you must find a location that is well above sea level say 1500 ft to 2000 ft next make sure its a volcano and earthquake free zone also you need to plan your shelter underground or cave,if its underground you need  to dig out the area that your shelter will be lowered into find a supermarket metal storage container and get it to your survival sight and lower it into you pre dug out area then line it with waterproof insulation and make it comfortable as this will be your home for many months you also need a toilet area i suggest another container that could be put next to your living conyainer and joined together now you have completed this you need to get hold of large amounts of food and water say 12 month supply minimum and 2 years maximum the latter the best option you also need first aid and other hardware gear ,you can get all the information you need from survival sights tooth paste soap matches and lighters is also a good idea plus torches and a generator with fuel  i would also suggest a ham radio a valve one not a transistor one because the transister type will be burnt out due to massive solar fares and radiation antisipated ,also a geiger counter is a must,i will add more survival info in the coming week please come back for update.

Surviving this massive event will be very hard even for a fit and young person if you are getting on in age you will be an asset with many different experiences and trades to teach the young survivors but you will need to be helped by the young fit survivors that should carry out the main dutys of hunting for food and protecting your group from panicing and hostile forces that could well have weapons that could be used against you so you need to prepare for this to occur by arming yourselfs and be prepared to kill to survive its either you or them ,i suggest you find a high location to set up as your camp and survival area have a lookout stationed around the clock expect the worst to happen and be prepared to defend your location at all costs  be armed at all time there will be evil people out there that will kill to get there hands on food and water ,if you have females and kids in your camp make sure they are protected as they are our future it would not be worth surving unless we can educate the young ones and increace the world population as we could well be down to only a few million survivors globally and if the population was allowed to drop below a curtain level we could well become extinct.
there will also be another important thing to remember you will need a trained doctor or nurse and medical suppies so a priority for you will be to find medically trained individuals as well as stock piling food and water have at least a years supply of reseve food and water ,treat all water by boiling before you use it cook all food and becareful if you catch fish they could well be infected also never try to make bread with moldy grain as this could cause blindness and madness ,so this is the  start of the new civilization and you are the ones that have been chosen to give our new and hostile world a chance and if you are the lucky ones or maybe not the lucky ones good look to a totally new and unrecconisable world one other import thing i forgot to mention if you get you hands on any living animal s dont just kill them think ahead if you can get breading pairs use them for this think ahead when you will nead meat and milk .and finally watch out for fevers and other illness have a quarantin
building that is well away from camp for people coming down with any illneses as with no antibiotica avalible even a chest infection could be fatal and you could  have some kind of epidemic break out at any time ,your moto be prepared.

chemtrail and chemical protection if you ever need its which you may well very soon.