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Houston Northwest Medical Center RNs: 2
One week prior to the 'election', the NNU-Texas packed up and fled the premises.  Hmmm...
Well, InformedRN just has this to say:
"So long, good-bye, and good riddens" And as a good Texan, don't let the door hit you on the way out ;)
History Lesson 2013:
Right here, right now!
It is so important that the nurses (RNs) of Houston Northwest Medical Center stand up, exercise your voice, and SHOW UP to vote AGAINST the NNU
 on March 27, 2013. 
Apparently, the union has expressed their intent to hold an election at HNMC. 
Do you want a percentage of your salary to go into the pockets of union scum? (yes, scum)
Have you really considered if their voice truly represents your voice?
Have you done your homework?
Have you read this site, other links (found below) that report from first hand knowledge how this union operates?
Why would you pay someone to negotiate benefits that you already have?
Have you been poisoned by their free food?
Oh - by the way, it's not free - all their union followers' dues are paying for it! Just like your dues will pay for the next election adventure!
Your money, their pockets, their special interest groups, your tough luck - make sure you know who you are paying!
Remember Poltergeist? They're Here!
On January 3rd, 2013, the CNA/NNU re-entered our hospital with the hopes of accomplishing what they couldn't get done in 2009 - an election. They will swindle you to 'sign' for more information or 'interest' in their 'product'. 
Without signatures, they cannot have an election.  We were able to keep them out in 2008-2009 and we can keep them out again. 
You have a voice, you are a Texas RN, you work at a hospital that genuinely cares about you and your professional nursing career. 
If they promise you a higher salary - STOP - THINK - a higher salary in your pocket is more money in their pocket through union dues.  
Keep your voice - say "NO" to the union - send them home! 
This website contains information from other nurses / healthcare organizations, like ours, who successfully defeated the union and KEPT THEIR NURSING VOICE - (follow the links in the WEBSITES section at the bottom of this page.) 
 Be informed!
Informed RN vows to help you keep your eyes open to their tactics and rhetoric.  Look for flyers in your breakroom from Informed RN 2013

YouTube Video - Poltergeist


History Lesson 2008-2009
This web page was created specifically for the Registered Nurses at Houston Northwest Medical Center (Houston, Texas) with the intent to help educate and inform the nursing staff regarding the union activity that surfaced in our hospital in 2008. 

Every RN should be encouraged and challenged to educate themselves to make an informed decision about their professional nursing career and the untoward influence that a union could have on their future as a Registered Nurse at Houston Northwest Medical Center or at any hospital.

Effective April 2009, the CNA / NNOC withdrew from Houston Northwest Medical Center. The CNA / NNOC had been given permission from  the NLRB to return to our facility to continue their remaining campaign efforts - and what did they do?
Election Information - November 2008
The union election had been suspended at our hospital due to pending unfair labor practice charges against the CNA and Tenet.
Read the press release from the National Right to Work Foundation:
National Right to Work
YouTube Video
Houston Nurses Fight Back Against Compulsory Unionism
Voting Information
 FYI - Please read the information below to understand the importance of your vote.
Politics & Religion - C.N.A. style...

Nurses Upset California Union Coming to Houston.pdf

 Points of Interest
Where do your union dues go?
The following articles highlight some interesting spending habits of unions:
LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report
7/1/07 through 6/30/08
Salaries, expenses, investments and more - see where and how the CNA manages their money
New LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report
7/1/2008 through 6/30/09 
If you have provided your signature to the union and now wish that you could take it back - well, you can. Click on the link below, print the document and fill in the necessary information. After completing the document, you will need to make 3 copies and send to: 1) CNA,  2) HNMC HR Director (or your local Human Resources director) and, 3) National Labor Relations Board [NLRB] in Dallas (or your local / regional NLRB office) [all of the addresses are on the document]. ***Keep the original for your records.
Cy-Fair RNs continue to battle to remove the union from their hospital, read article - click link below:
Click this link to read more about the EFCA - More information about the EFCA
Texas Nursing Voice - January/February/March 2009, page 10
Registered Nurses at St. Agnes Medical Center in Fresno, CA faced the CNA for a 3rd time - The end result was the CNA withdrew it's petition for an election and WALKED away - click the link below:
CNA travels across the country
 Article in Houston Business Journal
 Article from
Texas Nurses Don't Need Unions

Star Article

Recent articles from Houston Chronicle and related press release from
National Right to Work Foundation:
Other Pieces of Useful Information:
 Websites - CHECK THESE OUT!

New*** Re-election results at Cy-Fair Hospital are in - the union was voted in.  Click link below to read more:

Hahnemann University Hospital - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

A Tenet Hospital who fought and defeated the union - congratulations!

 Professional Nursing Organizations 

(flat fee, not based on your salary, as are any of the professional organizations listed here)

Emergency Nurses Association

Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses

American Association of Critical Care Nurses

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses

Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses

American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses

National Association of Neonatal Nurses

Oncology Nursing Society

Society of Pediatric Nurses

Infusion Nurses Society



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