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Upgrade VMware Tools

Easy to follow tutorial to upgrade VMware tools for Windows Server 2008.

VMware Tutorial / Upgrading Tools / Win2k8

Step 1
     Login to VM
Step 2
     Export IP config
     open a cmd prompt
     ipconfig /all >>c:\result.txt
     Upgrade VMware Tools
Step 3
     VM > Upgrade Virtual Hardware
     VM > Edit Settings
     Check VLAN and note it down
Step 4
     Remove Network Adapter 1
     Add New Network Adapter
     Type > VMXNET3
     Network Label (choose vlan previously noted)
Step 5
     Add new Hard Disk
     Disk Size 2GB
     Check box next to (Thin Provisioning)
     Store with Virtual Machine
     Choose SCSI (1:0)
     Change type on New SCSI Controller to Paravirtual
Step 6
     Power On Virtual Machine
     Open CMD prompt
     netsh int ip reset c:\reset.log
     ***w2k8 set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
     ***w2k8 devmgmt.msc
     ***w2k8 View > Show hidden adapters
     ***w2k8 Uninstall Hidden adapter
     Setup network info again using C:\result.txt
Step 7
     VM > Edit Settings
     Remove Hard disk SCSI (1:0)
     Select Remove from virtual machine and delete files from disk
     Change type on SCSI controller 0 to paravirtual
     Power On
     Logon to see if it needs another reboot