Payment Deadlines

The deadlines for paying SSS contributions and loans have changed.

-- If you're an Employee, Voluntary, Self-Employed, or Non-Working Spouse, your deadline is now based on the last digit of your SSS No.

-- If you're an Employer, your deadline is based on the 10th digit of your 13-digit SSS No.

-- If you're an OFW, your payment deadline is different. It's more flexible.
    Any time of the current year, you can pay for any month of the current year. 
    For example, it's now November and you have not paid any month of this year. 
    Good for you that you're an OFW, you can still pay for January to November of this year.  
    Additionally, every January, you can still pay for October, November and December of the past year. 
    Di ba, special kayong mga OFWs?

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Circular No. 2011-003
Issued May 2011
Effective June 2011
Supersedes payment deadlines described in:
Circular No. 13-P dated December 22, 2003
and Circular No. 2008-003 dated June 10, 2008
Signed by SSS President and CEO Emilio S. De Quiros

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Oct 5, 2012, 5:22 AM
Nora Tamba,
Jan 11, 2012, 12:29 PM