Contribution Table or Schedule

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If you're Employed, the amount of your monthly contribution depends on your monthly salary.

If you're OFW, Self-Employed or Voluntary, you can decide how much you will pay each month.
  But comply with rules regarding increase or decrease of monthly contributions.

For OFWs, the minimum monthly salary credit is 5,000 pesos. 
As of 2015, the minimum OFW monthly contribution is 550 pesos.

How to Use the SSS Table:

For Voluntary, Self-employed or OFW members, look at the SE / VM /OFW column, sa pinaka-KANAN.
Choose the monthly contribution that you can afford to pay.

The Monthly Salary Credit -- yong nasa pinaka-KALIWA na column -- yan ang gagamitin ng
SSS as basis sa computations nila later on sa maternity benefit, sickness benefit or pension amount.

For Non-Working Spouse members, your monthly salary credit is one-half of your husband's monthly salary credit.

When Can I Qualify for an SSS Salary Loan?
After you have accumulated at least 36 posted monthly contributions

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