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Death Benefit Claim

Requirements in filing a SSS Death Benefit Claim:

1. Death claim application (SSS DDR-1)
2. Affidavit of claimant or Filer's Affidavit
3. DDR Savings Account Form
4. Passbook (for pension)
5. Report of Death (if cause of death is related to employment)
6. SSS Form CLD 13A (Affidavit for Death Claim, if claimant is a secondary beneficiary)
7. SSS Form CLD 13 (Joint affidavit, if claimant is a legal heir)
8. ID photos of claimant
9. Valid IDs of claimant
9. If deceased member is married, marriage certificate of deceased member, issued by NSO or certified by the Local Civil Registrar
10. If deceased member has minor child or children, birth certificates of minor and children, certified by the Local Civil Registrar or issued by NSO
11. If deceased member has a child with permanent disability, birth certificate of child with disability, certified by the Local Civil Registrar or issued by NSO
10. If single, the deceased member’s birth certificate and marriage certificate of the parents, certified by the Local Civil Registrar, or issued by NSO
11. Other papers required by SSS during claim processing because of deficiency of information in documents submitted

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Nora Tamba,
Jul 14, 2013, 7:13 PM