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RS-5 -- Contributions Payment Return

There's a NEW Contributions Payment Form

It's called  CON--01181 - Contributions Payment Form

Click the link below; click arrow to download

You use this form to pay your contributions if you are:

. Self-Employed
. Voluntary
. Non-Working Spouse
. Farmer/Fisherman

and if you are a:

. Household Employer
. Business Employer

This CON-01181 form will eventually replace the old RS-5 form.

RS-5 -- Contributions Payment Return

Click below:  RS-5 - Contributions Payment Return to View

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This is the form you use to pay your monthly SSS contributions, if you are a:
- Voluntary member
- Self-Employed member
- Overseas worker or OFW member
- Non-working spouse member
- Farmer or Fisherman member

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