ABC Information

Tips for Personal Management of Information in the Age of Internet, PCs, Smart-Devices...

We live inside a "flood" of information, data, news, videos, etc... and we need to know some basic concepts about it so that we can make a good use of all these stuff... otherwise a great deal of waste and loss will be a constant at each and every single day...

Here we will present the reader with some basic and easy concepts that once learned will help to make decisions about how to deal with information and make the best use of it...

We intend to publish 1 "tip" at every 2~3 weeks...

ABC Information Tips are part of the PSClub:

Click on the links below for each foundation...

FOUNDATION 1 - Information versus Noise

FOUNDATION 4 - Information & Your True Strengths (Your True Pattern)

FOUNDATION 5 - Design | Delegate

FOUNDATION 6 - Organic Information Interaction

FOUNDATION 7 - Narrow & Wide (Narrow Focus on Strengths & Wide Geographically)

FOUNDATION 8 Plus - One Day Brain Battery

FOUNDATION 9 Plus - Info Name, Info Number & Info Rank


I am looking at a license model that gives the reader more freedom to use the contents at the same time without hurting my own freedom and rights over the use of them in my work/professional activities. I expect to announce a more relaxed license soon. In meantime I want to share and benefit the reader with these ideas, so I am ask the reader to understand my concerns until I release it with a different license model. Thanks all.