General Information

This document is intended to serve as a central repository of information to assist Informatics graduate students in their progress through our programs.  It is meant to complement, and be consistent with, the Manual of the Academic Senate, Irvine Division, the UCI General Catalogue, and the ICS graduate student policies. If you see any inconsistencies among these documents, please notify the ICS Student Affairs office with specific links and quotes to the inconsistent material. THIS IS NOT, NOR WAS IT EVER MEANT TO BE, THE DOCUMENT OF RECORD FOR ANY OF THE DEGREES. When in doubt, defer to the ICS student affairs office and graduate division.

The specifics of our programs change over time.  Each year, the details of all the programs are meant to be internally consistent.  Students may elect to adhere to the rules that were in place on the year when they were admitted, or to the rules for any other year after they were admitted but before they leave the program.  However, students may not "pick and choose" across the rules for different years.  Please inform the ICS Student Affairs office if you intend to use a set of rules other than those that were in place when you started the program.

The Department of Informatics offers MS and PhD programs in Informatics and Software Engineering. The ICS degree programs of the past are now retired but this site holds some archival information about these programs to help students still enrolled.

In the normative case, MS students will complete the program by the end of the second year (six quarters), although in some cases it may be possible to complete the degree in fewer than six full quarters. If you go beyond two years, you will be considered beyond normative time and put on probation. This is generally not an acceptable case, and you will need to seek counsel quickly to be able to continue in the program. In the normative case, PhD students will advance to candidacy by the end of the third year, and will complete the program by the end of the sixth year, although some students may take longer or shorter periods of time. PhD students are not obligated to get an MS on their way to a PhD; however, many of the initial requirements of the PhD for SE are identical to those of the MS, so those students sometimes complete their MS along the way. The PhD in Informatics does NOT have a complementary MS degree at this time. So, those students cannot complete an MS degree along the way.