22, 23 and 24  January 2018  -  Cogne (Valle D'Aosta - Italy)


Università di Firenze

Aarhus University

Università di Torino

Università di Parma

The workshop is supported by:

Welcome to the Informal Geometry Workshop in "Paradiso"!

This is an informal workshop entirely dedicated to young mathematicians who work in differential complex geometry.  The aim is to bring together Mathematicians interested in Geometry in an informal and friendly atmosphere for speaking about Mathematics in the beautiful landscape of "Gran Paradiso". The main topics of the workshop will be the following 
  • Special Kähler and Hermitian manifolds; 
  • Complex Monge-Ampere equations;
  • Geometric flows on Hermitian and Kähler manifolds;
  • Special structures on manifolds;
  • Homogeneous manifolds with special structures.
The workshop will be held in Cogne (Valle D'Aosta - Italy).

The invited speakers are:
    Lucio Bedulli (L'Aquila) 
    Martin De Borbon (Aarhus)
    Alberto Della Vedova (Milano Bicocca)
    Lorenzo Foscolo (Edimburgo)
    Henri Guenancia (Stony Brook)
    Tat Dat Tȯ (Toulouse)

Beside the principal conferences, the workshop includes some research talks and young researchers interested in the topics of the workshop are encorauged to apply for giving a talk. 
For a limited number of participants the organization can cover part of the local expenses. 

If you are interested please register here.

For informations please contact one of the organizers.