Abstract of Pubmed possibly including a value of NNT-NNH 
NNT-NNH= Number patients needed to treat to benefit or harm (*)          

What about on this page?

PubMed articles real time updated that may contain a value of NNT-NNH or proxy values  like ARR (absolute reduction ratio) that allow calculate the NNT value

How are they obtained?

Thanks to a methodological filter developed specifically for PubMed

How are updated?

With a combination of Internet tools (RSS and related resources, Apps for automating tasks and commands to extract text into a Google Drive Spreadsheet )

What can you read?  

The article title, journal, date of publication and a fragment of the abstract, the results and conclusions (if article have the structured abstract) or full abstract (if article does not have a structured format). Also you can go to original or related article on Pubmed

How many you can read?

With this filter, and average of two articles per day (see attached graph).

(*) This is a proof of concept to emphasize the value of the filters and sources "push" of information on knowledge translation and information overload