Namuwongo Community Development Organisation (NACODO) 

"Quality Life For All"


    NACODO is a community-based organisation (CBO) operating in Namuwongo, an urban slum located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, a country in East Africa. It was formed in July of 2005, and currently operates community development initiatives focusing on improving sanitation in the area. NACODO represents the interests of the Namuwongo community members, and its executive consists entirely of elected residents.

    NACODO aims to develop a new approach to local development initiatives, one that is designed and implemented by community members. Through this process of community participation, residents enjoy a greater feeling of ownership in the project and are more willing to work actively to see it succeed. We have already seen spectacular results in our initial project and we look forward to applying our philosophy to other areas in the community in dire need of attention.

    For more information on our organisation you can browse the pages listed on the left, or you can always email us at the address provided below!