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Your workshops can be submitted free for inclusion in INFOMEETS newsletter.


The preferred format for workshop is:





Last Date for Abstract:

Contact email/website:


For example:

Name: The Future of Forests in Asia and the Pacific: Outlook for 2020
Place: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Date: 16 – 18 October 2007
Last Date for Abstract: 15 May 2007
Contact email/website: Patrick Durst,
http://www.fao. org/forestry/ site/39701/ en/

The workshops are sorted based on the “Last Date for Abstract”. So if your workshop’s last date for submission of abstract is 15th May, do send it BEFORE the 20th of April. This workshop will be featured in April Newsletter send towards the end of the month (after 25th).


The moderator reserves the choice of inclusion of the workshop based on relevance to the members. Contact Us for any assistance regarding submission of workshops.