Information and Digital Literacy Essentials Webinars Home

Free, 8-part Webinar series designed to provide information on digital literacy for administrators, teachers, tech leaders and parents. 

Listen to curriculum experts from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction's Office, State Attorney General's Office, state universities and more, as they discuss California's educational vision, privacy online, college readiness, digital citizenship, curriculum and assessment and more. 

Webinars will be held every Thursday, 3:30 - 4:10 p.m. from April 25, 2013 - June 13, 2013.

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April 25 - California's Education Vision
State Superintendent's Office
Craig Cheslog, Chief Advisor to the SPI

May 2 - Privacy Protection
State Attorney General's Office
Joanne McNabb, Education and Outreach

May 9 - College Readiness
California Higher Education
Annette Marines, Instructional Librarian UCSB
Christina Cichetti, Educational Specialist UCR
Lesley Farmer, Media Leadership, CSULB

May 16 - Digital Citizens
Governor's Digital Literacy Executive Order
California Technology Agency
Brenda Kempster, iCalifornia

May 23 - Curriculum and Assessment
Common Core and Digital Literacy
Tom Adams, CDE Director of Curriculum

May 30 - Intellectual Property and Copyright
Communication and Creative Industries
Jill Lesser, Executive Director
Center for Copyright Information

June 6 - Best Practices Around California
County Offices of Education
Elementary, Middle, and High School
Dennis Deets CTAP Director
Glenn Warren, CSLA Vice President

June 13 - Digital Citizens and Bullying Prevention
California State Parent Teacher Association
Brian Bonner, VP of Parent Involvement

Technology needs:  A computer, laptop or tablet connected to the Internet.  It's preferable you use headphones and a mic during the sessions, but not required.