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Sample Data

View sample business and residential data sets by clicking the files below*.  Data sets can be sent electronically in whichever format you wish.  We can also append data elements to your internal files.

We provide access to three business files where data is separated out depending on the needs of your projects.

  • Verified Business File - 14.9 million business records
  • Prospective Business File - 4-4.5 million records which are new to our database but have not been fully verified.  These records contain geo-codes and have been processed through NCOA and are CASS certified.  About 80% of these records are good quality and in the process of having additional data added to the record
  • Suspect File - 1-1.5 million records which previously were in the Verified Business File but can no longer be verified

We utilize an auto-dialer to contact Prospective Business File records and systematically remove those records with disconnected phone numbers.  We follow up all positive call results with web mining and crowd sourcing in addition to our numerous processes to verify and update our business records.

*Please note that you will need to click the downward arrows to download the full data sets.  If you click on the linked text for the files at the very bottom of the page you will only see a portion of the data sets.

These links will take you to the full data set downloads as well.




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