Welcome, Parents!

I hope these resources help to answer your questions about the new way of teaching and learning your child will be involved in this year in math.  

On the left, you will find the following pages:

Introduction to the Flipped Classroom: General information about the flipped classroom and what it looks like in Mrs. Kirch's class.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Use this form to communicate with me.  All responses are sent directly to my email inbox.  You are also more than welcome to email me directly or to call the school.  Please note that emails are returned within 24 hours and phone calls are generally returned within 48 hours.

Videos of our Flipped Classroom: Please take the time to watch the Introduction video for parents (5 minutes).  I have also included the Student Introduction video (10 minutes), which I highly suggest you watch to see the Flipped Classroom in action from last year and hear from my former students how the Flipped Classroom has helped them.

Ways to support your student: Tips for you on how to support your student in the Flipped Classroom.