Dr. Hasan Sheikh Faridul co-founded 🚀 EYN in early 2017, 🏦 raised VC funding in 2018-2019, reached 6-digit £ARR 💹 in 2020, and sold to Onfido in 2021 🎉

Hasan now works for Onfido.

Before founding EYN, Hasan was a research scientist at IDEMIA (ex: Safran identity & security) and worked on world-leading fingerprint recognition algorithm. Before that he was a postdoctoral researcher and research engineer at Technicolor R&D France and obtained his industrial PhD in computer vision in 2014.

In his postdoc, Hasan worked with Dr. Gwenaël Doërr on watermarking stereo(3D) videos to protect against piracy. And, in his PhD at Technicolor R&D - in partnership with Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne - Hasan worked with Dr. Jurgen Stauder and Prof. Alain Tremeau, on color correction of 3D content.

Before the PhD, Hasan completed Erasmus Mundus Masters called Color in Informatics & Media Technology (CIMET). During this masters, Hasan had the opportunity to study in the University of Granada, Spain; the University of Saint-Etienne, France; and the University of Eastern Finland. Before that, Hasan did his bachelor in computer science from Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh.

Hasan has filed several patents and published in leading conferences & journal and holder of 6 granted patents.

The entrepreneurship journey of Hasan and his co-founder Mohamed, and how Entrepreneur First helps founders like them, is featured in this Wired article.

Contact: hasan.s.faridul@gmail.com

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