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This site is a collection of thoughts, writings, academic and professional projects into the fields of Design, Arts and Architecture in the Era of Bits. This site delineates my early carrier enrollment
in both fields under the prism of Digital Media Society.

All of these years as a freelance researcher, I participate as a UI/UX Design Leader for Audiovisual and Interactive Design projects. In collaboration with distinguish universities, institutions, foundations, museums, publishers, and governmental authorities of Greece I had the opportunity to frame and develop a plethora of commercial and research projects beyond the traditional boundaries of Interactive Media in Urban Cultures. 

Since 2004 I have a continues collaboration -as an educator and instructor- with universities, institutions and non-profit organisations. This educational procedure includes courses, lectures and workshops for students and public. These courses introduce to the participants an educational method that has been able to approach the design issues in all steps, from manuscripts to realisation. They gain the ability to compose environmental, spatial and social data with digital technology, able to bridge the physical with the digital world. 
My syllabus introduces a three steps learning formula: Design, Build and Expose.

On 2011, I designed, edited and published a book, with fellow colleague Aaron Cohen, entitled Keyboard Events: Architecture and Information, An introduction to Physical Computing trying to imprint a successful academic experiment of the elementary course Keyboard Events (founder of the course) at the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly. In this course the students of Architecture gain the ability to compose the visual architectural tools such as, drawings, collages, 3-D models, rendering techniques, digital media and interactive applications with physical items such as digital fabrication models and physical computing objects for an enrich design process. The book is written in Greek language trying to fill the gap of the greek bibliography in this field.

For me, each task, educational, academic, research or professional, is a medium to extend the boundaries of my cognitive modules, embodying social and cultural characteristics in innovative design process. 

Angelos Floros

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1 Oct 2019, 01:31