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Selected References


+ Evaluation of secondary resources and expert interview on Thermoselect technology

+ Mass stream and technical analysis of the Herhof waste reduction technology (biological drying) 

 + Technology comparison on biogas cleaning / treatment 

 + Comparison of landfill cover systems  

 + Market study of biogas plants in Spain 

 + Company offering the conversion of gasoline motor into flexible fuel  vehicles (FFV) 

 + State of the art for the cleaning or treatment of dyeing water  

+ Product search home-sized natural gas high pressure compressor for vehicles 

+ Finding a fee based slaughter house for ecologically grown poultry closer to clients facilities in Saxony 

--> significant savings in transport cost, time and emissions

b) on SPAIN

+ Property search for fully equipped cave houses in many parts of Spain

+ Information on Spain before moving here (flats, work, transport)

+ Cheap phone connection to and from Spain (incl. SMS  and mobile)

+ Searching cheap rental flat with own methodology in Barcelona

+ Universities for academic cooperation on La Palma (Canary islands)

+ Information package for Barcelona Starters

* List of media  (web and print) for marketing company in real estate market to contact latin-american immigrants in  Spain


+ You just remember bits and pieces of the information from an article or a source. Together we should recover the complete information source for you.

+ Optimizing supply chain: Price comparison of German whole sales shops for mobiles

+ Research and analisis for  1 year coaching  trainer courses  in Holland  given in dutch language and  select them  considering rrice, content, geographical situation, 

-->realized savings for customer: 50% of the original price of 12.000 Euros, payment was just a tiny fraction of 2,5 %