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Mini Quests

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For a list of Game Events and there Prizes Click Here
5th Page of Basard
Where: Pandrik @ Lights Edge
Option 1: 700 Exp. & 20 O'Delvays Rep.
Option 2: 2 Gold.
Note: The 5th Page of Basard can be obtained from Sheara's Casket which is received while doing Lvl 4 Orlufia Quest.

Captured Kretch
Where: Chief Kort @ Settlement of Klesva
Reward: Random Potion
Note: Kill any level 3 Kretch or under for a random Captured Kretch
Where: Webs of Terror Event @ Berona Ranges
Reward: 200 Exp. & 20 O'Delvays Rep.
Note: Spy Notes can be found while saving the Coccons from the Webs of Terror Event

Fighting the Provocateurs
Where: Provocateurs Voice Event @ O'Delvays City Square
Reward: 500 Exp. & 30 O'Delvays Rep.
Note: Find the Provocateur's Letter when killing them
Note: Take a Torch (500 Mercinary Rep. required) to the ship that leaves for Magmar Land between
the hours of 18:00 - 21:00 Game Time and lite the Torch.

Demonologist Fued
Where: Enter Demons Invade Event @ Demonologist's Cave
Reward: 150 Exp & Imp Cube / Demon Cube / Devil Cube 3 pcs.
Note: Click the Alter to find the Demonologist's Note
Note:  Available upon reaching level 2

Strange Mechanism
Where: Failed Experiment Event @ Pacifist Hills
Reward: Pick 16= Circular Discs 15 pcs. & 170 Exp. / Pick 38= Circular Discs 20 pcs. & 170 Exp.
Note: Mechanism found while spliting the black holes
Note: To start the quest first click to use the Strange Mechanism in your backpack.

Gesteyn's Mysterious Note
Where: Vampires @ Vassals Tomb
Reward: 4000 Exp. & Great Elixir of Blood 20 pcs. or Pickaxe of Hereditary Geologist (Must have Miner Profession)
Note: Find Note from random drop while killing Vampires