The Krug Lab

Robert M Krug,
Lorene Morrow Kelley Fellow In Microbiology
Professor of Department of Molecular Biosciences
College of Natural Sciences,  
The University of Texas at Austin
Ph.D.: 1966, Rockefeller University
A.B.: 1961, Harvard University
The major focus of the Krug laboratory is the molecular biology of human influenza viruses (influenza A and B viruses), which cause widespread human disease. We are determining: (i) the molecular mechanisms of viral mRNA synthesis and viral RNA replication; (ii) how the viral nonstructural proteins of these two influenza viruses contribute to pathogenesis and overcome host defense by inhibiting crucial cellular functions, including the 3-prime end processing system used for the production of cellular pre-mRNAs, and the interferon-induced modification of proteins by the ISG15 ubiquitin-like protein; and (iii) identifying interactions between cellular and viral proteins that play important roles during virus replication.. Our research has already identified promising new targets for the development of antivirals, and one of these targets is now the subject of high-throughput screens.

Telephone: (512)232-5563, (512)232-5564
Fax: (512)232-5565
Mailing Address:
The University of Texas at Austin
Molecular Biosciences, College of Natural Sciences
100 West 24th Street
Austin, TX 78712