ND KhPI 2010


                       at the NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY


                                     KHARKOV, UKRAINE 


                                    FINAL INFORMATION



“KHARKOV POLYTECHNICAL INSTITUTE” (Kharkov, Ukraine) on September, 21-24, 2010. The conference was dedicated 

to the 125th anniversary of the Kharkov National Technical University. A total of 91 scientists from Armenia, Canada, 

Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, UK, Ukraine, USA and Uzbekistan participated at the conference. 

The conference demonstrated the great interest of scientists and engineers from different countries in studying nonlinear 

vibrations phenomena, and international cooperation in this field. The overall scientific level of conference was very high. 

The conference program included 19 presentations at General Session, including 4 invited lectures by Professor Marco Amabili,

Professor Christophe Pierre, Professor Yoshisuke Ueda and Professor Marian Wiercigroch, 33 sectional presentations at 6 

Sections, 13 posters, and 9 presentations at the Mini-Symposium “CREEP AND PLASTISITY AT CYCLIC LOADING”. 

The Conference presentations were devoted to theoretical investigations, computer simulation of vibration phenomena in 

nonlinear systems and experimental studies. The main subjects of the presentations were the nonlinear normal modes  

theory; resonances and bifurcations; transient; complex behaviour of oscillators, and other theoretical aspects of the 

nonlinear dynamics; experiments; numerical simulation; applications of the nonlinear dynamics theory to dynamics of structures,

 solids, beams, plates, including, for example, sandwich and composite beams and plates; nonlinear vibrations of blades and 

shells; nonlinear dynamics of plates and shells with complex shape; nonlinear dynamics in turbo-machinery; nonlinear dynamics 

in rotor systems, drill problems and other engineering applications; nonlinear dynamical effects in physical systems et al. 

Mini-symposium "CREEP AND PLASTICITY AT CYCLIC LOADING" was proposed and organized by Professors D.Breslavsky 

and O.Morachkovsky from NTU KhPI and Professor H.Altenbach from Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. 

The main idea of this mini-symposium was the organization of discussion between scientists from Material Science and Solid 

Mechanics from one hand and Nonlinear Dynamics from another one with emphasis on dynamic creep as well as cyclic plasticity 

and creep, in which significant rheological phenomena are induced and accompanied by cyclic loading. The main topics of 

mini-symposium were: creep-damage processes in materials and structures, micro- and nano-mechanics and technologies,

 thermodynamics and physics of the self-organization of complex structures of materials, finite strains under creep and plasticity,

 direct methods in cyclic plasticity, mechanics of engineering systems. 25 scientists from Germany, Greece, Poland and 

Ukraine were the participants of the mini-symposium and 9 papers had been presented. 

The conference confirmed the importance of international cooperation by re-search teams involving scientists and engineers

 from different countries. It brought together specialists in theoretical mechanics, applied mathematics, physics, mechanical

 and electrical engineering.