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The most most awaited Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional will be released on 12th April 2010. Actually the release date of this product was March 23rd and now it is postponed to 12th April... Rates for the different editions of Visual Studio 2010 have released and obviously they are very high... Check the link to follow the details

        Welcome to my favorite area. My area of expertice. And what in overall my resume speaks about is this .Net Technology. I wish to share the technology with you people. A powerfull tool with which the most of the software products are created is .Net Technology. I believe it is simply enough for a person to build any type of apps, either windows or web in a more and more standard manner. Good hands in this .Net Technology, will fetch you a great future if you are in software field. A man who is a Microsoft Certified .Net Professional, ( Microsoft Certified Professional Developer- actually called as), will break world into pieces with the .Net Technology. It is not a matter at all in getting into this field, all that you need is your passion about .Net and on Microsoft itself. Today .Net Technologists are most wanted. Be the one.   

            I wish to share my knowledge in this technology with you people, and if you are mastering .Net already, then ofcourse
you are my teacher. Let us share the technology.
            I have attached few .Net tutorials on basic introduction to here.... See the bottom for downloads...
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