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P.Manokaran - mano7173@gmail.com

     A person whom i met when i born and still proving to be the best role model of mine. First 'son' and second 'child' of his father Palaniswamy(late), a business man in Tiruppur. No words to explain the way he brought up me like this. A caring, loving father. A good friend. I wonder some of his characters such as punctuality, perfectness, simple living and over all these things , i wonder his straight forwardness and loyalty.

    He is 57 and still working hard as if he is a 25year youth. These things simply makes me think that no one will have been gifted with such a great fellow as a father. I cannot even express the way he tired for my welfare. A most respectable person in the society. A most honorable person in his friend's locality. Being a simple bank employee, he was able to develop two engineering graduates in-spite of the current economical situation. His achievements are infinite. And his master piece is, shaping up a shapeless fellow and providing him a bright and quality future. It is some thing impossible in his absence. He did it. And the shapeless fellow is no one, but me,Vivekanandan Manokaran. My vision will become ture and he will be inaugurating the company and with his blessings i am sure about developing myself and my company.I love my dad infinitely. He is a great person who cannot be valued...And i'm his blood. He is a Computer genius in our family. And I want to prove myself to be the best in computer than him. And he too needs it.

    His profile shows his experience. He is B.Sc graduate in Chemistry from P.S.Govindharajan College of Arts and Science(P.S.G CAS)...He got placed in State Bank of India in earlier seventies. Now after a lot of promotions and transfers, now he is the Deputy Manager(Accs), State Bank of India,Veerapandi,Tiruppur. He has worked in various major cities like Trichirapalli, Erode, Tiruppur etc... He got good promotions and transfers several times but still he neglected it. It is because that he was not ready to leave the joint family life. But later since there
is no option than to accept the promotion, he accepted it then moved to Trichy. More than a thirty to thirty five years of vast and wide experience, he is going to retire from the job in a couple of years. A great journey he led. Bringing up his two sons in richer manner, he was able to win in all his situations in life.

He is my first and best role model. Proud to be his son.