Why Learn Chinese with us:       

China has become one of the most powerful business partners in the world. More than 1/5 of the world population speak Chinese. 
We came from China and studied eduation in the USA; we combine the best methods of the American education and the Chinese education and implement a method to make Chinese language and culture learning fun and easy.    

Our  teachers:
All our Chinese teachers are English and Chinese bilingual.  They are teachers from NYC schools.  We specialize in teaching children and Adults Pin-yin, Conversation, Reading and Writing.  We use special methods to make the lessons lively and effective.  
Level 1 to Level 6:  Pin-yin, reading, writing, and conversation
Public Speech workshops: Practice speaking in small groups and in big groups
Conversation Chinese groups(Children or Adults, Cantonese or Mandarin) :  Learn to speak daily Chinese with no pressure, no homework, in fun environment. Students can practice using chinese in everyday's conversation, share thoughts, songs, food, culture dance, culture art through learning and making friends