About Us

We are located in New York City, one of the most diverse cities in the world.
We employ and are operated by certified teachers from schools all over the city.
We understand the demands of a highly competitive student body.
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Our objective is to help your children
  • build self-confidence
  • develop interpersonal skills
  • set up goals
  • apply leadership skills.
We can meet your needs and more!

 We have developed strategies that enable our students to learn quickly and efficiently.

The majority of our past students have been accepted to specialized high schools or the private schools of their choice.

In Infinity Prep,we provide an environment where students can develop their unique skills, both academically and through personal interest.  Interested in improving a standardized test score? Want to explore dance in an open, comfortable environment?

Our class enjoying a celebration and having fun after hard work!

Sit down if you are ready for a vocabulary list!

 "I am the next Picasso!"
 It looked easy on Youtube!

"I can't wait to show off for our final performance!"

We are confident in our abilities. Try our classes!
Free classes available

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