Therapeutic & Physical effects of Reflexology:


Reflexology is a healing method which involves pressure & massage of the reflex points on the feet.
 It teaches that a vital energy circulates between the organs of the body,
when flow of energy becomes blocked parts of the body will be affected,
this in trun reflects on the feet as gritty & sensitive areas.


A treatment can be to emphasis a certain result and it may bring about the following effects:


-          Relieves muscular tension by aiding removal of wastes & toxins

-          Production of endorphins gives an analgesic effect

-       Increases blood circulation getting more nutrients & oxygen to all parts of body

        & removing waste products

-       Drainage of lymph, aiding the removal of waste & fluid retention “oedema”

-       Deeply relaxing, reducing symptoms of stress

-       Balancing the body, homeostasis

-       Revitalize with energy

-       Creating harmonious body, preventing illness

-       Increase focus

-       Balances the endocrine system, electrical energy

-       Aids joint mobility

-       Stimulates & smoothes nerve endings


Reactions to Reflexology & After Care:


People differ, so do reactions. Immediately after treatment reactions are largely pleasant, leaving you feeling Calm & Relaxed or Energised & Rejuvenated. As Reflexology activates the body’s healing power the cleansing process begins, the body rids itself of toxins & reactions depends on the severity of imbalances.

1. Before treatment, many toxins entering the body & few being expelled 


Toxins appear in the body in many forms both from internal & external processes: food, drinking, lifestyle, etc. 


2. Early stages of treatment, reduced input of toxins & expulsion of exiting toxins 

Most common phrase: “I have never slept so well!” & reactions: “Increased urination & bowel movement, mucous, vagina discharge (lady’s); Aggravated skin condition perspiration & pimples; Improved skin tone, & circulation; Disrupted sleep pattern; Dizziness or Nausea; Feverishness; Headaches; Overwhelming desire to weep; Temporary out break of suppressed disease.”



 3. During regular treatments, reduced level of Toxins 


What ever the reactions, they are a necessary part of the healing process & will pass. Regular treatment reduces level of toxins entering & being expelled.


Basic Foot-care Hints

-          Wash your feet carefully & dry thoroughly between the toes;

-          Allow your feet to air out, don’t keep them locked up in shoes all the time;

-          Trim your toenails straight across;

-          A pumice stone & cream will help soften hardened area, keeping feet  moisturised;

-          Problems such as corns, plantar warts & athlete’s foot to be attended straight away.