infinity character sheet DB


Click the link below to download from Dropbox the "runtime" version of the infinity player character sheet DataBase, created in FileMakerPro Advanced, which should run on both Macintosh and 
Windows (we've had some reports of the Windows version not working... but what else is new! ;-).  Download the self-extracting zipped package, unzip it, and run the "infinity character sheet DB" application.

i'm hoping the character sheet itself is self-explanatory, but here are some notes just in case it isn't:

download the zipped package, un-zip it (by double clicking on the .zip file), run the application "infinity character sheet DB" (inside of the folder bearing the same name), and click on the "New Record" button — you are now ready to begin inputting character data.

first note that the database application has selectable zoom views, accessible via buttons with a small/large depiction of mountain icons at the very bottom left corner of the window.  the number indicates the current view percentage (default = 100%) — 150% is preferable on my monitor.  also, at the top of the window, note in the left side of the toolbar the pop-up menu for "Layout".  there are two choices: "PC Sheet_front" & "PC Sheet_back".

this database "auto-saves": as you input, the data automatically saves each time you either hit the Enter key, or click on any white space on or outside of the character sheet that is not part of a field.

most of the numerical values are automatically calculated as you manually enter your character's Attributes, but you'll have to manually input "Luck" and other misc non-calculated data.  for starting XP, use the appropriate XP version your GM chooses for your campaign which you'll see outside of the printable sheet area to the right.

please note that the top row of fields in the sections designated for Skills, Equipment, and other stuff, is the "title row" for designating that section accordingly.  an example is set on the left side (front & back) for listing Skills, showing the headings to be used in 10% grey which can be easily overwritten and ignored according to personal preference:  "SL" (Skill Level), "Skills", "Aptitude" & "SC" (Success Check).  wherever you decide to notate your Skills, make sure to physically type these title row headings for ease of viewing on the printed version.  the SC for each Skill notated will be automatically calculated as you input the Skill's SL and select the appropriate Aptitude for that Skill from the pop-up list — if you forget to select the "Aptitude" field, the calculated SC will be much lower than it should be.

otherwise, you can designate a section for "Equipment" by typing this heading in the wide title row field  (even over top of the 10% grey "Skills", according to your designation location preference) and simply notate your equipment below.  you can even use the "SL" & "SC" title fields as either Location "L", Quantity "Q", or whatever else comes to mind.  ONLY use the "Aptitude" column wherever you choose to list Skills.  in order to provide maximum notation for Equipment/Stuff/etc, the middle field has been designed to allow for typing over top of the "Aptitude" field.