Tutorials for Using Infinite Campus

Looking for some help with Infinite Campus?
 You have come to the right place! 

Listed to the right are short video tutorials to help you as you learn Infinite Campus.

Below will also find attachments of specific directions.

The Infinite Campus sandbox is available for teachers.  The purpose of the sandbox is to have a place to experiment with features in Infinite Campus without interfering with your real data / gradebook / reports.

The  sandbox will look exactly like the live Infinite Campus site.

To log into the sandbox use your email username and password.

Infinite Campus strongly recommends using Firefox.

Pop ups need to be unblocked to use Infinite Campus.

You can unblock all pop ups for Firefox, but this will allow pop ups to appear on any web site you visit.

You can unblock just pop ups for the Infinite Campus web site.  Doing this will allow you to use Infinite Campus but will keep pop ups from appearing on other web pages when you use Firefox.

Feel free to add questions and provide feedback so we can continuously update this site to meet your needs.

Someone posted a question last week 12-3 to 12-10 but did not leave a name to contact.  The tech department would like to help.

If you posted a question here, please email helpdesk@link75.org so we can identify who you are and give you some assistance with your question.

Infinite Campus FAQs

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