General Information

Infinite Analysis 09

~ New Trends in Quantum Integrable Systems ~

July 27 - 31, 2009

Department of Mathematics (Faculty of Science Bldg. No.3, Room 110),

Kyoto University, Japan

We plan to hold an international workshop on quantum integrable systems in July, 2009. The purpose is to bring together active researchers from around the world and to discuss most recent progress in integrable systems and related mathematical areas. This workshop is in spirit a continuation of those at RIMS, Kyoto University, started in 1991. The most recent was a series of workshops held in 2004 as the RIMS Research Project "Method of Algebraic Analysis in Integrable Systems" (see here for details). It is already 4 years since, and many exciting developments have emerged during the time. We hope that our workshop will fill this gap, encourage international cooperation, and, more importantly, stimulate young researchers in related fields. The subjects to be discussed include:
  • Correlation functions of solvable models
  • Integrable models in quantum field theory
  • Conformal field theory
  • Mathematical aspects of Bethe ansatz
  • Special functions and integrable differential/difference equations
  • Representation theory of infinite dimensional algebras
  • Integrable models and combinatorics 
Proceedings of the workshop is being planned in a book form. All articles will be fully refereed as for ordinary journals.

The program is available here. Click here to see the poster in PDF format.

Click here for directions to the workshop venue.

Organizing Committee

Boris Feigin (Landau), Michio Jimbo (Rikkyo), Tetsuji Miwa (Kyoto), Masato Okado (Osaka)
Takeshi Suzuki (Okayama), Kouichi Takemura (Yokohama City Univ.)
Yoshihiro Takeyama (Tsukuba), Yuji Yamada (Rikkyo)

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