Invention of the mechanical clock

Hello! My name is Lubov Olegovna. Well, who of you has the clock at home? I guess everybody does. The clock has become an integral part of our life nowdays. So, why we use clock?  Obviously, we can not live without them. Now raise your hands those who has wristwatch now? So, today we will speak about the clock specifically mechanical watch and its invention. To begin with I want to draw your attention on that: watch means "карманные, наручные часы" and clock - стенные, настольные, башенные.
Now, I want you to answer what kinds of clock do you know? To find it out let`s see a presentation.

So, you see that there are many kinds of clock and people ivented them through the history addressing the social needs. But today I want to speak specifically about the invention of the mechanical clock. I think that today this kind of clock is the most prevalent. Now, read please an article about the history of mechanical clock.

Invention of the mechanical clock.

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Tomova Lubov.