Invention of the computer

Good morning, student. I'm Anastasia Andreevna. 
What do you usually do in your free time?
I'm sure, some of you will answer, that they use a computer, 
either playing computer games, watching movies, 
listening to music, or searching the Internet.
Today you will learn more about the invention of that integral part of our life.

And who is the most famous person, when speaking about computers?

Well, now, it is high time to learn more about the invention of the computer itself.

And now a few tasks.

Put in the chronological order

I'm interested to know your opinion about the computers. 
Is it good or bad, that they were invented? 
Does computer help us in our life? How? 
Do you often use a computer? What for?

Answer, please, using the blog.

A little test.

To see your marks, visit the blog, please. Thank you for your work. 

Pystina Anastasia

Some video for you to see.

Computer History

The History of the Personal Computer

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8 апр. 2011 г., 3:18
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