The Web and the Internet have had a transformative impact across many sectors of human activity. They have evolved from technological artifacts to socio-technical structures with tremendous potential for innovation. The interdisciplinary areas of Web Science and Internet Science aim to understand the Internet and the Web as socio-technical phenomena and to ensure their sustainability. This requires research frameworks and methods from different disciplines and the building of communities across different institutions around the world.

Given the interdependency between these two interdisciplinary areas it is natural that there exist overlaps between these two interdisciplinary areas and opportunities for collaboration and synergies. This workshop aims to bring together the two communities of Internet Science and Web Science in order to identify those overlaps, focus on specific areas for synergies and establish long-term collaboration channels. Specifically, the goals of this workshop are to:
  • Explore the relationship between Web Science and Internet Science.
  • Identify the common themes between Internet and Web Science research agendas, research infrastructures and research methods and establish synergies.
  • Explore the germane aspect privacy from the viewpoint of each of the two interdisciplinary areas.
  • Establish long-term collaboration between the two communities.
The workshop will be held in Paris, 1 May 2013, co-located with the ACM Web Science Conference 2013.

Authors are invited to submit a paper in PDF format by 13 March 2013 25 March 2013.

The program of the workshop is provided below:
  • 1400 Welcome
  • 1405 Keynote addresses: Internet Science and Web Science challenges and opportunities for synergy
    • Fabrizio Sestini, European Commission [pdf | ppt]
    • Wendy Hall, University of Southampton [pdf]
  • 1445 (Coffee break at 1500) Session A - Cyberspace: Territories, interaction and privacychaired by Ian Brown, University of Oxford, UK
    • Geopolitics of cyberspace: Territory and power politics of the internetFrédérick Douzet and Alix Desforges, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy & French Institute of Geopolitics University of Paris 8 Saint Denis, France [pdf]
    • Revisiting Activity Theory within the Internet of ThingsAdriana Wilde, Web and Internet Science research group, Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK [ppt]
    • Women Universally Favour Dyadic Relationships, Men Prefer Male AlliancesT. David-Barrett, D. Townley, E McDaniell, A. Bryne-Smith, R.I.M. Dunbar, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, UK, and A. Rotkirch, Population Research Institute, Helsinki, Finland [pdf]
    • What’s in a name? Real name policies and social networksLilian Edwards, University of Strathcylde Glasgow, UK, and Derek McAuley, University of Nottingham, UK [ppt]
  • 1630 Session B - Infrastructures for Web and Internet Science research: Panels chaired by Chris Marsden, University of Sussex, UK
    • Talk by Paul Mockapetris (Nominum) (15 mins) [pdf | ppt]
    • Panels with Laura Sartori (U Bologna) and Paolo Dini (LSE) [pdf | ppt], Dirk Trossen (U Cambridge) [pdf | ppt], Marc-Olivier Buob (UPMC) [pdf]
  • 1730 Close