IST Distinguished Lecture - Spin Electronics

The Department of Physics at Técnico will organise another IST Distinguished Lecture on December 15, at 6 p.m. 
Professor Dr. Bernard Dieny (SPINTEC, Univ.Grenoble Alpes / CEA / CNRS), will give a lecture entitled “Spin electronics: From basic concepts to applications towards a greener electronics“. More details here

December 2018

Magnetic Frontiers 2019
INESC-MN would like to announce Magnetic Frontiers 2019: Magnetic Sensors Conference.
This is the 2nd event in the sequence of small topical conferences under a general title Magnetic Frontiers, which are technically sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society and IEEE Magnetics Letters.
Magnetic Sensors Conference will take place at IST - Lisbon, from 24 to 27 June 2019. 
More info here
December 2018

PhD Defense of Daniel Silva - 12 December 2018 at 10h30
Daniel Silva will be defending his PhD thesis “Microfluidic separation using aqueous two phase systems” on Wednesday, 12 December at 10h30 in Anfiteatro PA-3 (-1 floor of the Pavilhão de Matemática) at IST.

December 2018

INESC-MN meets high school!
On the 23rd of November, PhD student Eduardo Brás gave a lecture at his former high school, where he talked about the work done at INESC-MN and his own journey, as an effort to motivate students to pursuit scientific careers.
This lecture was part of the “Semana das Ciências” organized by the Agrupamento de Escolas de Gouveia.

November 2018

Recruitment open for a Researcher with PhD in the STARCHIP project
INESC MN is recruiting for a position of Researcher with PhD within an FCT funded project STARCHIP. 
Deadline: 19 November 2018
More information here
November 2018

PhD Defense of Denis Santos -  19 October at 11h
Denis Santos will be defending his PhD Thesis “Integrated biosensors for Lab-on-a-Chip platforms” on Friday, 19 October at 11h in Anfiteatro PA-3 at IST (-1 Floor of the Pavilhão de Matemática).

October 2018

PhD Defense of Ruben Soares – 15 October at 10h 
Ruben Soares will be defending his PhD Thesis “Development of an Integrated Microfluidic Mycotoxin Screening Chip for Point-Of-Need Food Safety Applications” on Monday, 15 October at 10h in Anfiteatro PA-3 at IST (-1 Floor of the Pavilhão de Matemática).

October 2018

INESC MN at 11th Micro & Nano Event and MICRONORA Trade Fair · 25 to 28 September · Besançon, France

INESC MN was present at the 11th Micro & Nano Event promoted by the CCI Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the Enterprise Europe Network and the European Commission. This event has been organised since 1998 to bring forth research laboratories, technical centers, start-ups, SMEs and bigger companies towards transnational cooperation, collaborative projects and business. The event occurred during the International Microtechnology Trade Fair MICRONORA. More details about the 11th Micro & Nano Event here and Micronora here
September 2018

Recruitment open for a Researcher with PhD in the MeDICI project
INESC MN is recruiting for a position of Researcher with PhD within an FCT funded project MeDICI. Deadline: 16 October 2018
More information in Portuguese here or in English here
September 2018

INESC MN at COMS2018 · 24 to 26 September · Montreaux, Switzerland

Keynote lecture entitled: "Spintronic Sensors: A successful path from magnetic storage to biochips" at the COMS 2018 – Commercialisation of Emerging Technologies conference.
The 23rd edition of COMS occured at the Swiss city of Montreux, from September 24-26, 2018.
More details about the conference here 

September 2018

Inês Pinto  - PhD thesis defense  · 24 September, IST - Lisbon 

Inês Pinto will be defending her thesis "Screening of multimodal ligands for the capture and polishing of antibody streams: A microfluidic approach for rapid optimization of chromatographic operating conditions" on 24 September at 9h30 in Anfiteatro PA-3 (Floor -1 of the Mathematics Pavillion of IST). 

September 2018

European Reseachers' Night · 28 September, Lisbon 

Once more, INESC MN will be present at European Researchers' Night themed 'Science in the city', that will take place in Museu Nacional de História Natural in Lisbon.

Setembro 2018


Inês Pinto, Ruben Soares and Ricardo Fradique presented their research at ESBES 2018which took place in Lisbon 9-12 September. Inês Pinto was one of the winners of the ESBES Award.

September 2018

INESC MN had 2 oral presentations at Eurosensors 2018 (Graz, Austria, 9-12 September 2018)

Eduardo Bras -  “Development of a Point-of-Care platform for plant health assessment: A microfluidic approach”

Catarina Caneira
  - “Regenerable bead-based microfluidic device with integrated thin-film photodiodes for real time monitoring of DNA detection”

September 2018

Brokerage for Health, 3 - 4 September 2018, Oslo
INESC MN was present at the Health Brokerage event that took place in Oslo on the 3rd and 4th of September. The aim of the meeting was to discuss partnerships and funding opportunities under the H2020 framework regarding the calls: “Health, Demographic change, and Wellbeing”.
INESC MN competencies were discussed with potential partners, targeting the preparation of proposals for 2019.
More details here

September 2018

  Summer internships at INESC-MN

INESC MN welcomes all 2018 summer students!

August 2018


INESC-MN is a collaborator of the EMPIR Project Met4FoF. The Letter of Agreement was signed in July 2018. More details here

July 2018

INESC MN is hiring

INESC MN announces the opening of recruitment of a PhD under the Decree-Law Nº 57/2016 in the area of Computational Physics. 
For more information, see the announcement in English  or in Portuguese.
Application deadline:  25 July 2018

July 2018


AIM Workshop – 28 June 2018 at Faculdade de Farmácia
The Doctoral Program AIM is organizing a Workshop on 28 June at the Faculdade de Farmácia. For Workshop program click here 

June 2018

Applications open for position to work on a joint project between INESC MN and BIOTREND

Biotrend, a Portuguese bioprocess development company, within a collaborative project with INESC MN is looking to hire a person with a PhD in biotechnology, bioengineering or related fields. The deadline for application is 13 July 2018. For more details, click here 

June 2018

INESC MN participation in the IST day

All comunity was able to explore the devices fabricated at INESC MN during the Keep in Touch event that took place at Técnico on the 23rd of May.  More details here

June 2018

World Metrology Day, 21 May @ Instituto Português da Qualidade (IPQ), Caparica

INESC MN was present at the World Metrology Day promoted by IPQ.
This day was marked by the beginning of the period leading to the adoption of the new SI, which will be made official on the 26th meeting of the General Conference on Weights and Measures, CGPM (13-16 November 2018, Versailles, France).

Several speakers presented an enthusiastic program, among those Andy Henson (BIPM), Stephen Patoray (OIML), António Possolo (NIST), Paulo Ferreira (INL), Filomena Camões (ULisboa) and Carlos Fiolhais (UCoimbra). 

The program ended with a tour to the IPQ laboratories.

May 2018

Visits to INESC MN - 11 May 2018

Students from Azambuja High School visited INESC MN Cleanroom and Labs.

May 2018

Seminar given by Dr. Ana Neves - 15 May @ 14h30 - IST

Seminar on Graphene and functionalised graphene for nano-, opto- and wearable electronics 
Ana Neves, University of Exeter  | 15 May (Tuesday), 14h30 | Room E.1 Torre Norte IST

May 2018

INESC-MN was present at 
INTERMAG 2018 in Singapore

Oral Presentations:
The Ultimate Compact Packaging Technology based on Magnetoresistive devices for a minimum source-sensor distance, F. Franco et al. 
Eddy Current-TMR Sensor for micro-motion detection of orthopedic implants, R Khokle et al

Poster Presentation

Strategy for determining a magnet position in a 2D space using 1D sensors, P. Ribeiro et al

Symposium Presentation
In Vivo Magnetic Recording of Neuronal Activity, M Pannetier-Lecoeur et al.
Pedro Ribeiro receiving the award from 
Sara Majetich (INTERMAG chair).

Pedro Ribeiro was awarded Best Poster Presentation and Fernando Franco received a travel grant. 


May 2018

Seminar given by Dr. Pedro Estrela – 16 May 2018 at 11h 
Dr. Pedro Estrela will give a seminar on “Electrochemical Biosensors for Medical and Environmental Applications” on 16 May at 11h at IST (Qa1.2, Torre Sul).  More information here

May 2018

Academic merit
Congratulations to INESC-MN Master students João, Mafalda and Pedro, for their recognition of academic merit by Instituto Superior Técnico.
Keep up the good work!
April 2018

Summer Internships at INESC-MN

We are offering the possibility for interested students to be involved in our work during the months of summer. See the topics here and apply through or contact Diana Leitao.

April 2018

Visits to INESC-MN

Students from the study association T.F.V. 'Professor Francken',  for engineering physics in Groningen has visited INESC-MN clean room and labs on the 20th of April.

April 2018

uMEMS project - featured in Impact journal

The FCT funded project uMEMS, coordinated by INESC MN with INL as partner institution, was recently featured in the Impact series of journals. Find a copy of the article here 

April 201

INESC MN at Futurália · March 17 - FIL, Lisbon

In line with the Mission of contributing to a better Education, on the 17th of March INESC-MN was present at Futurália, one of the most important national job fairs. Futurália  intends to provide young students the opportunity to contact with the academic and industrial world and day-to-day activities, to discuss new challenges and opportunities and in this way, provide guidance for their future choices.

March 2018

  3rd Workshop on Microfluidic Standards, 6-7 March @ Minatec, Grenoble
INESC MN was present at the 3rd Workshop on Microfluidic Standards held at Minatec, Grenoble, France from 6 to 7 of March 2018. The event, organized by Nicolas Verplanck (CEA-LETI) and Henne van Heeren (enablingMNT) on behalf of the embryonic Microfluidics Association, intended to gather volunteers to work towards formalization of standardisation protocols, processes and guidelines to serve the whole microfluidics community. The multidisciplinary group of worldwide players – academics, end users, companies, industrial suppliers, … – focused the discussion on the standardization in the microfluidics areas of Flow control, Testing methods, Microfluidic interfaces and Modularity and their future developments.
March 2018

PIC 2nd Meeting - March 2nd at Thalia Theater, Lisbon
The main goal of PIC (Plataforma de Interface à Ciência) is to promote and value professionals and the Interface areas that support National System of Science and Technology. A second meeting will take place at Teatro Thalia (Lisbon), with the theme of "Interface à Ciência: adicionar valor ao conhecimento" (“Interface to Science: Adding Value to Knowledge”). More information here
March 2018

INESC MN Students at JEF V · 26 February · IST, Lisbon
Master students João Serra, Nuno Milhomens, Sofia Abrunhosa and Telmo Fountoura participated on JEF (Jornadas de Engenharia Física) poster contest:
• J Serra et al. Microfabrication of an Organic Crystal Photosensor - 1st Prize award
• N Milhomens et al. Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJ) for tactile sensors
• S Abrunhosa et al. Magnetoresistive sensors for industrial positioning applications - Honorable Mention
• T Fontoura et al. Biomagnetism: performing magnetocardiography with spin valve sensors

February 2018

João Serra
Nuno Milhomens
Sofia Abrunhosa

Telmo Fountoura

XXI Semana da Física · 19 to 24 February · IST

'XXI Physics week' (XXI Semana da Física) is a project developed by IST (Núcleo de Física), with the purpose of promoting scientific education in Portugal.
Within XXI Physics week, INESC MN received high school visiting students.

February 2018

Prof. João P. Conde, Inês Pinto and Ruben Soares (left to right)

INESC MN at MEMS 2018 

INESC MN was present at the MEMS 2018 Conference that took place 21-25 January 2018 in Belfast. Ruben Soares had an oral presentation and Inês Pinto had a poster presentation. The MEMS Conferences is the largest International Conference in the MEMS field. 

January 2018

INESC MN 2017 Year in Review

INESC-MN news and highlights, selected publications, Projects and Collaborations, Distinctions and Awards, International Conferences, Training Activities, and more.
Flip book is available here

December 2017

WARP · Health & Biotech Accelerators Conference and Technology Exhibition

INESC-MN was present at WARP-Oporto on the 11th of December, showcasing its technology and services portfolio. The event merged accelerators, investors, research groups and technology providers from the biomedical and health related fields, with the aim of exploring synergies and fostering innovation actions.

December 2017

AIM Doctoral Program

The 2018 Call for the AIM Doctoral Program will open between 1 February 2018 and 31 March 2018.  

Click here
 for Call Flyer.
More information about the AIM Doctoral Program

December 2017

Eduardo Bras next to his awarded Poster

Microbiotec'17 · Congress of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2017

INESC MN was present at Microbiotec 17 represented by the students Ricardo Fradique and Eduardo Brás.

Poster Presentations
• Ricardo Fradique et al  "Continuous Cell Concentration and Lysis using Inertial Microfluidics"
• Eduardo Bras "Affinity driven aqueous-two phase extraction of antibodies: a microfluidic approach" - AWARDED BEST POSTER
December 2017

INESC-MN at MMM 2017 · Pittsburgh · 6-10 November

Oral Presentations
• Reading magnetic ink patterns with magnetoresistive sensors. Karla J. Merazzo, Tiago Costa, Fernando Franco, Marko Zander, Michael Turr, Torsten Becker and Susana C.Freitas
 Innovative compact design for ultra low field detection based on magnetoresistive sensors. Marília Silva, Diana C. Leitao, Susana C. Freitas, Paulo P. Freitas
• Fine-tuning the manipulation of micro-to-nano biomedical flows by thin film microelectromagnet traps. Vania Silverio, Miguel Amaral, Joao Gaspar, Susana Cardoso, Paulo P Freitas

Poster Presentation
 Barrier breakdown mechanism in nano scale perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions with ultra thin MgO barrier. Hua Lv, Diana C. Leitao, Z.Hou, Paulo P. Freitas, Susana C. Freitas, T. Kampfe, J. Muller, J. Langer and J. Wrona

Awards and Appointments
Marília Silva received a 2017 MMM Student Travel Grant;
Karla Merazzo  is a co-chair of the Next Generation Magneticians Advisory Board.

December 2017

Welcome to new PhD students 

INESC MN welcomes all the new PhD students: Catarina Caneira, Pedro Fonseca, Pedro Ribeiro, Patrícia Zoio, Tatiana Arriaga and Sara Sequeira.

December 2017

INESC-MN researcher published in Advanced Materials

INESC MN researcher and collaborators co-author a paper on Advanced Materials Journal entitled 'Highly Efficient Rubrene–Graphene Charge-Transfer Interfaces as Phototransistors in the Visible Regime'.

Access full text here
November 2017

Science and Technology week 
On November 22 INESC MN will have an Open Day:
From 10h00 - 12h00 am and 3h00 to 5h00 pm
To apply please send an email to sbaptista(@)

More information here

November 2017

Prof. Paulo Freitas at Lisbon Science Academy

Professor Paulo Freitas was elected as one of the effective associates of the Physics Science Class at the Lisbon Science Academy. Each section includes typically 4 to 5 members. 

Teacher of Department of Physics of Instituto Superior Técnico maintains a reputed scientific activity at INESC-MN and since 2012 at INL (where he is the deputy director) and was one of the national correspondents of the Physics section of the Academy since 2009. His career has been recognized nationally and internationally, always in line with the values of the Academy of Sciences in the development of science and promotion of scientific excellence.
November 2017

INESC-MN students are European finalists

The Project "Stay on Target | Automated 5D Positioning System for Biomedical Applications" submitted by Fernando FrancoMarília SilvaMiguel Neto and Pedro Ribeiro was highlighted as one of the 6 european finalists under the scope of the IEEE International “Sensors and Measurement” Student Contest sponsored by STMicroelectronics, being the project presented at IEEE Sensors 2017 conference, Glasgow, UK.

The competition consisted in the development of an innovative prototype integrating a SensorTile module from STMicroelectronics as common platform for Bluetooth communication and as sensing/feedback system.

November 2017

Prototype device
Sensor Tile module from STMicroelectronics
Fernando Franco at IEEE Sensors 2017 Conference - Glasgow, UK

Physics Tech-Day · 16 November, IST
INESC MN was present at Physics Technology Day – IST , showcasing the work in research and development.

See more at Tecnico
November 2017

Article on ACS Nano

Magnomics and INESC MN researchers published a paper on ACS Nano Perspectives (IF= 13.9), entitled "Lab-on-Chip Devices: Gaining Ground Losing Size".

Access the full text here
November 2017

AIMs Fellowship activity

Doctoral candidates under the AIM Doctoral program received dedicated microfabrication training at INESC-MN Facilities.  The newcomers attended different workshops focusing on fabrication and sensing technologies.  During the projects, the students were encouraged to execute several practical tasks and present their final results. 

November 2017

Ruben (left) is pictured with the winners in the other categories (3D printing and Bioseparations, respectively).

Ruben Soares awarded 1st Prize

 Congratulations to Ruben Soares, a PhD student at INESC MN,  who has received the First Prize in the Life Science Award of Merck  in the category of Food and Beverage Safety. Ruben received his award in Burlington, MA, USA on 18 October.

Announcements of this award was tweeted by Merck:  

October 2017

Thales Project Arduino
INESC MN students Rafael Girão and Nuno Milhomens won a place at the Thales Project Arduino workshop.  Congratulations!
October 2017

MEFT meeting 1st edition · 23 September - IST 

INESC MN was present on the 1st MEFT meeting  'A Alargar os Limites da Ciência e Tecnologia'.  

October 2017

Neuron,  13 September 2017 
INESC MN researchers co-author a paper in the journal Neuron, entitled “In Vivo Magnetic Recording of Neuronal Activity

Access the full text here
October 2017

Academic activities reinforcement

INESC MN reinforces the academic activities at Técnico with new lectures starting this semester.
This year of 2017/18 researchers from INESC MN are the responsible professors in:
  • Nanotechnologies 
  • Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics
  • Physics and Technology of Magnetic Materials (NEW)
  • Microfluidics (NEW)
  • Micro and Nanofabrication Techniques
  • Spintronics

INESC MN also supports
  • Condensed Matter Physics Laboratories 
  • Advanced Experimental Physics Laboratories
  • Characterization Methods in Solid State Physics (NEW)

People involved: Susana Cardoso, Diana Leitão, João Pedro Conde, Vânia Silvério and Ana Silva.

October 2017

Visiting INESC MN Laboratories 

Last Tuesday, October 3, Danish students had the opportunity to visit INESC MN laboratories.

October 2017

INESC MN recruiting 3 Research Associates
Within the Micro&NanoFabs@PT Project funded by the Program “Roteiro Nacional de Investigação de Interesse Estratégico”, INESC MN is seeking to recruit 3 contracted Research Associates with PhDs. 

Applications are now open - Deadline: 16 November 2017
More information can be found here
October 2017

INESC-MN work presented at MNE2017

Oral Presentations

• Microfabrication strategies for magnetic nanoparticle manipulation on continuous bio-flows. Vania Silverio, Maria J. López-Martínez, João Gaspar, Susana Cardoso de Freitas, Paulo P. Freitas

Poster Presentations

• Silicon groove etching for ASPIC encapsulation. A. V. Silva, R. Bastos, J. Santos,T. S. Monteiro, S Cardoso

• Monolithical integration of GMR sensors with CMOS. J. D. Santos, C. Reig, S. Cardoso

• Through Silicon Vias defined by wet etch micromachining for vertical architectures. J. D. Santos, T. Monteiro, S. Cardoso

• Patterning of organic single crystals for optical micro-devices. B. Pires, S. Sequeira, J. Serra , S. Cardoso, H. Alves, D.C. Leitao

• Spin Torque Oscillators based magnetic tunnel junctions. K. J. Merazzo, A. Ruiz-Calaforra, J. Hem, A. Purbawatil, D. Leitão, R. Ferreira, L. Vila, E. Jimenez, M.-C. Cyrille, U. Ebels

• Integrated spintronic platforms for Flow Velocity Measurement. Ana R. Soares, Tomás Ribeiro, Rúben Afonso, Paulo P. Freitas, Susana Cardoso

• Hybrid Integration of Magnetoresistive Sensors with Flexible Electronics. Miguel Neto, João Gaspar, Alexandre Bernardino, Susana Cardoso, Paulo P. Freitas

INESC MN at MNE Conference 2017 represented by: Ana Rita Soares, Joana Santos and Miguel Neto (from left to right)

October 2017

European Night of Researchers 2017 Edition · 29 September

INESC MN participated in the 2017 edition of the European Night of Researchers.
The event took place at the Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência. Our researchers showed to visitors: microfabricated wafers, sensors, MEMS, biomedical devices and microfluidic chips.

September 2017

Merck - Life Science Food and Beverage Safety award

Ruben Soares, a PhD student at INESC MN (jointly with iBB) has been selected as one of 4 finalists in the Life Science Award of Merck for Food & Beverage Safety for the work he is doing for his PhD thesis on Microfluidic Platforms for Mycotoxin Detection. 

As a finalist, Merck will pay for Ruben to travel to Burlington, MA, USA on 17-18 October for the award ceremony where one of the finalist will be selected to receive the award.

September 2017

Honorable Mention - Scientific Awards 
Awarded to Dr. Susana Isabel Pinheiro Cardoso de Freitas on the 2017 Edition of Prémios ULisboa/Santander Universidades

September 2017

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