Challenges and trends in magnetic sensor integration with microfluidics for biomedical applications
S Cardoso, DC Leitao, TM Dias, J Valadeiro, 
MD Silva,  A Chicharo, V Silverio, J Gaspar 
and PP Freitas

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A point-of-use microfluidic device with integrated photodetector array for immunoassay multiplexing: Detection of a panel of mycotoxins in multiple samples

RRG.Soares, DR.Santos, V Chu, 
AM Azevedo, MR Aires-Barros, JP Conde

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Highly Efficient Rubrene–Graphene Charge-Transfer Interfaces as 
Phototransistors in the Visible Regime

GF Jones, RM Pinto, A De Sanctis, VK Nagareddy, 
CD Wright, H Alves, MF Craciun, S Russo

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