Taste Buds

We love food, and trying "local eats" is one of our favorite aspects of our round-the-world travel.  On this page we share some of our favorites by country.  Most foods listed are also linked to a recipe! 

You can also check out a list of the less-common-not-so-favorite foods we've tried on the Bizarre Palate page.


Bhel PuriPani Puri, Papdi ChaatMasala Papad - In my opinion, India's best food is street food-- in particular, "chaat".  Chaats are snack foods that are usually (best) eaten on the street.  They're a mouth-watering blend of crunchy, tangy, sweet, and sour all in one very inexpensive bite that startles the taste buds.  It's impossible to list them all, but above is a sampling of our favorites.

Puri Bhaji -  What makes this dish so special is the "puri".  Puri is a small round unleavened wheat flour bread that is deep fried (I know, I know-- enough said).  Bhaji is a simple potato curry, but can be any curry really.

Mirchi Masala - Ah yes, Mirchi Masala, where did you come from?  This green chilli curry dish is heavenly blend of spices!  

Idly, Dosa, Sambar - Idly and Sambar (and chutneys) is a popular breakfast food in South India and one that caught our the attention of our tummies!  Though Dosa is not the same as Idly, they are grouped together here because theyre both made of the same 2 parts rice, 1 part lentils (dal) batter.

Chana Masala - Who knew chickpeas could be so tasty?!  This chickpea curry is easy to prepare and highly nutritious.

Coconut Upma - Very popular in the Southern state of Kerala is this semolina wheat dish cooked with coconut, nuts, and dried fruits-- delicious!

Butter Milk - Admittedly an acquired taste for me, this spicy yogurt water drink is said to aid with digestion.

Fresh Lemon Soda - The best way to satisfy the urge for a carbonated drink.  Club soda mixed with fresh lemon juice and a sweet and savory twist.


Lẩu Dê - Hotpots  (Lau) are pretty popular throughout Vietnam, but this particular hot pot is made with goat (De), giving the broth the slightly gamey taste that makes it delicious!  It's said that goat hot pots are good source of sexual vitality (for men), though they are considered taboo for women to enjoy.
Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang - Supremely more tasty than the popular pho noodle soup!  We enjoyed the tastiest bowl in Hanoi, though this soup originates in the South.  It's known as Phnom Penh Noodle soup because of the noodle used.

Bánh Xèo - This Vietnamese crepe is made from rice flour, coconut cream and turmeric, and stuffed with shrimp, pork, sprouts and fresh herbs.  It's eaten as a finger food with rice paper and dipped in fish sauce.

Bún Chả - This popular street food from the north consists of char-grilled pork meat chunks, with bun noodles, in a sweet and tangy fish sauce broth with loads of fresh herbs and sprouts to your liking. 

Canh Chua Cá - Eaten throughout Vietnam, this is a sour fish soup made with tamarind and quite tasty!  

Sinh Tố Bơ -  Avocado smoothies are very popular and highly nutritious drinks!

Cà Phê Sữa Chua Thạch - A smooth coffee drink made with Vietnamese coffee, plain yogurt, jelly and ice (no recipe found).


Dal Bhat Tarkari - Deliciously runny lentil soup (Dal), steamed/boiled rice (Bhat), and a (usually potato) curry (Tarkari).  Admittedly, we had many Indian dishes while in Nepal before realizing we weren't eating Nepalese food, but Dal Bhat Tarkari is the standard meal in Nepal and very tasty.

Momo - Steamed dumplings made w/your choice of meat or veggies (and spices!) and served with either a tomato based or curry dipping sauce. 


Baleadas - The original Chipotle burrito, only better!  Why you ask?  The flour tortillas are homemade, the beans are re-fried, and the sour cream and cheese are of a local variety.  This is also about the cheapest bite you can have in Honduras!
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