Who we are

INEQUO is a research group on inequalities, organized by PhD. Students from the CES (Centre d'économie de La Sorbonne). 

What we think

Inequalities may be studied through a variety of  

  • Themes (income inequalities, education, health, gender and racial discrimination, etc.),
  • Perspectives (studying the origins, measuring the consequences of inequalities, etc.), 
  • Methods (quantitative methods, theoretical models, experiments, reflexive methods, normative economics, qualitative methodologies, etc.).

We believe that each of us can widen and deepen her/his understanding of inequalities and enrich her/his own research through exchanges with other scholars whose lens is a bit, or a lot, different from her/his own.

What we do

  • A monthly informal lunch seminar
  • Reading group sessions on seminal articles or books