Club Fixtures and Results

Notes for Game day:
For Rec League, we will run a short training session followed by a hurling and a Gaelic football game. Start time is 10.45 am

Please arrive one time ready to go.  Volunteers are encouraged to arrive early to help set up goals, flags.  
Each game will be 2 - 10 minute halves.  Game format and times may be modified as needed accommodate weather, number of participants or other factors.

All games are at Eugene Burns Park 5602 Glenn Rd. Lawrence, IN unless otherwise notified.

All games are co-ed.  Teams will be divided up as evenly and fairly as possible.  Our target is to have teams of 7 players each.

Scrimmage vests will be used so any comfortable shirt under that will be fine. 
Scrimmage vests are either red or blue.  Corcaigh (Cork) in red, Port Láirge (Waterford) in blue
Soccer cleats are best but some sort of athletic shoe is fine. 
Shorts (or sweats if the weather is cold)
We will have the helmets and extra hurleys.
Mouth guards required for football
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May 4, 2014 10a U10/U14 Combined Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh Port Láirge 
May 4, 2014 11a U10/U14 Combined Football Co-ed Corcaigh Port Láirge 
April 27, 2014 10a U10/U14 Combined Hurling Co-ed Port Láirge  Corcaigh  
April 27, 2014 11a U10/U14 Combined Football Co-ed Port Láirge  Corcaigh  
April 13, 2014 10am U10/U14 Combined Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh Port Láirge 
April 13, 2014 11am U10/U14 Combined Football Co-ed Corcaigh Port Láirge 
June 2, 2013 9am / Field C Combined Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh 1-0 Port Láirge 0-1 
May 19, 2013 9am / Field B Combined Hurling Co-ed Port Láirge 1-0 Corcaigh 0-1 
May 5, 2013 9am / Field C U10 Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh Port Láirge 
May 5, 2013 9am / Field C U16 Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh 1-0 Port Láirge 2-1 
October 21, 2012 10am U12/U18 Combined Hurling Co-ed Port Láirge 10-0 Corcaigh 0-0 
October 14, 2012 10am Games Cancelled     
October 7, 2012 10:15am U12 Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh Port Láirge 
October 7, 2012 11am U18 Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh 5-0 Port Láirge 5-0 
July 15, 2012 10am U10/U16 Combined Hurling Co-ed Port Láirge Corcaigh 
July 8, 2012 10am U10/U16 Combined Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh 4-2 Port Láirge 4-2 
July 1, 2012 10am Games Cancelled     
June 24, 2012 10am U10/U16 Combined Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh Port Láirge 
June 3, 2012 10:45am U16 Hurling Co-ed Port Láirge 4-1 Corcaigh 3-0 
June 3, 2012 10am U10 Hurling Co-ed Port Láirge Corcaigh 
May 20, 2012 10am U10/U16 Combined Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh 3-0 Port Láirge 3-2 
May 6, 2012 10.45am U16 Hurling Co-ed Port Láirge (blue) 1-0 Corcaigh (red) 7-3 
May 6, 2012 10am U10 Hurling Co-ed Port Láirge (blue)   Corcaigh (red) 
April 29, 2012 10:00am U10 Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh (red) Port Láirge (blue)   
April 29, 2012 10:45am U16 Hurling Co-ed Corcaigh (red) 0-2 Port Láirge (blue) 0-1 
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