According to the Indiana Commission on Public Reco, the state legislature had authorized the establishment of a hospital or asylum for the insane as early as 1827. No action was taken to further this until the Indiana General Assembly passed an Act in 1844-1845 for "the procuring of a suitable site for the erection of a State Lunatic Asylum." The site selected consisted of 160 acres of farmland and was chosen due to its close proximity to the State Capitol. Purchased at the rate of $33.125 per acre, the property passed to the State of Indiana on August 29, 1845 and received its first patient in November of 1848. Referred to by various names, the site was formally closed in 1994 as the Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane.
The hospital served the entire state until 1905, by which time additional hospitals had been constructed in Evansville, Logansport, Madison, and Richmond leaving Central State with patients from 38 counties in central Indiana. Crowding continued to be a problem and numerous reports of the Indiana State Board of Charities noted that the mentally ill continued to be sent to prisons and poor houses while waiting for a bed at Central State Hospital.
The site is located about 3 miles west of downtown Indianapolis and is nestled between N Tibbs Avenue and N Warman Street.

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