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  • Industrial Water Treatment & Reuse
    • A Community of Practice dedicated to sharing experience and knowledge about water management for industrial and commercial applications.
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  • Industrial Water Week
    • The noble profession of industrial water treatment should be celebrated and it shall be!  Get inspired by this holiday's videos.
  • Steam Boilers:  The Inside Story by Spirax Sarco
    • Industrial water treatment professionals often don't get to see what their water is actually doing inside the equipment and pipes we manage.  Take a look inside a firetube boiler under changing conditions.
  • Water Hammer by GEFA
    • Water hammering can be both damaging and dangerous.  Seeing the effects on water inside a clear pipe is eye opening.
  • Water Softener Regeneration Process by Chem-Aqua
    • Showing the softener regeneration process inside a clear vessel, even seasoned professionals may learn a thing or two.  Check out the red line showing the plug of brine moving through the unit!