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Where Knowledge Flows
When you are a young professional new to the industry, where do you start to build your knowledge resources?  This website is designed with the young professional in mind, but will undoubtedly be of use to the seasoned veteran as well.

There are so many free resources available on the internet if one knows where to find them. This website tries to collect and organize them in some fashion.  

This is NOT simply a list of vendors, but a collection of websites and pages with relevant technical resources.  If a vendor does not have relevant technical information as part of their website, then they are simply not listed.

Don't forget to use the Search box at the top of each page to search the entire website.

DISCLAIMERThis website is for informational purposes only.  No endorsement is intended nor implied.  The information supplied on the subsequently linked webpages are not warranted, guaranteed, nor validated for accuracy.  All information must be properly weighed against knowledge and experience.  Seek the advice of a trained water treatment professional to properly apply any and all information contained in this website and beyond.