Before and After Toynbee:
Conceiving the Industrial Revolution during the long nineteenth century

A one-day symposium hosted by the Cambridge Victorian Studies Group
Lucia Windsor room, Newnham College, Thursday 23 September 2010

0930            Arrival and Coffee

1000-1100        KEYNOTE  -  DONALD WINCH

1100-1130        Break

1130-1300        PANEL 1  -  Chair: Gareth Stedman Jones (Cambridge)

    Making Sense of the Origins of the Industrial Revolution Idea
        William Hardy (Open University)
    Contested Industrialisation: The Aswan Dam and the English Garden
        Caspar Andersen (Aarhus, Denmark)

    Industrial Revolution or Urban Revolution?
        Chris Ferguson (Auburn, Alabama, U.S.A.)

1300-1400     Lunch

1400-1515        PANEL 2  -  Chair: William Ashworth (Liverpool)

    Inventors of the Industrial Revolution in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
        Christine MacLeod (Bristol)

    Do You Want the Dust? James Watt’s workshop & the engineer as hero
        Ben Russell (Science Museum)
1515-1545        Tea

1545-1645        PANEL 3  -  Chair: Jos Betts

    Making Sense of Industrial Turmoil: The concept of Applied Science
        Robert Bud (Science Museum)

    God's plans for Victorian Industry
        Nick Fisher (Aberdeen)

1650-1700        Break


1800-1900        Drinks


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