BAe Bridgwater

BAe contacted Crupron Construction Ltd and requested a quotation for the rebuild of a production facility located in Building 934. The facility had been destroyed in an incident which occurred in 2000.

CCL inspected the remains of the four story building and submitted firm costs for the rebuilding works.

Time was critical as BAe had secured a large order to supply products that were to be manufactured within this building.

Construction consisted of rebuilding all floors in pure Aluminium, a complete process pipework installation (pipework was seamless Stainless Steel with orbital welds, this procedure would ensure the highest quality by producing computer printouts for each and every weld), a complete Instrumentation installation, a complete Electrical installation and an extensive Insulation installation.

To ensure that BAe would be able to honour their delivery commitment, works were undertaken continuously 7 days a week.

With able assistance from other contractors CCL handed a fully functioning building complete with a comprehensive Quality Document to BAe.

BAe were able to deliver their products to the customer ON TIME.