Established 1977, specialising in the fabrication and site Installation of pipework and associated equipment.

As a company we have both the equipment and skilled craftsmen, including coded welders to weld any type of metal in our workshop, or on site.

We work with companies in the following industries:
  • Food processing
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Water
  • Gas
Within the categories specified above, some of the specific projects undertaken were: -
The supply, fabrication, 100% xray and hydraulic testing of 150 diameter 50 bar pressure steam main to enable the testing & commissioning of nuclear submarines.
Food Process
The installation of creameries for various dairies, yoghurt plants, fruit juice plants and cheese making plants throughout the UK. We Also have our own orbital welding equipment with the capability of welding from 10mm dia to 100mm dia and a computer print out of the welding for the records.
  • The installation of fire ring main for the Petrofina Oil Storage Terminal at Avonmouth.
  • The conversion of a top loading facility to bottom loading for the Gulf Oil Terminal at Roath Docks Cardiff.
  • Dow Chemicals LTD – Firemain pipework plus aluminum product pipework.
  • Royal Ordnance Factory - a complete green field site installation.
  • Pipework for a nitric acid and sulphuric acid plant.
  • The fabrication and installation of a new HMX high explosive plant.
  • The fabrication and site installation of fusion bonded epoxy powder coated pipework for various pumping stations.
  • The welding and testing of 17 km Of 1200mm diameter pipeline including 2 major river crossings.
  • The Pre-fabrication and installation of 900mm diameter pipework coated in Skotchkote 204n including free issue pump sets weighing approximately 20 tons each.
  • The construction of various pressure reducing stations and pig trap launcher receiver sites throughout the South West of England.
  • We have also been involved in many developments from scratch on both brown and green field sites.