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BAe Bridgwater

To supply pipework for new caustic treatment plant. Services included high pressure steam, caustic delivery line, process and domestic water. The project included the design and supply of a new caustic tank including steam heating coils.

NHS Trust, Plymouth Devon

Recent contracts the installation tightness testing and purging to UP1 three number gas fired boilers 6 megawatt each two duty one standby working temperature 189c working pressure 17.5 bar. All pipework 100% radiograph

Balfour Beatty Costain JV. HMNB Portsmouth

The supply prefabrication and installation of service pipework for Jetty 1A and 1B.

The services were steam, condensate, compressed air, fresh water, pumped sewage, fire water and Demin water the contract included detailed drawing work and the production of the operating and maintenance manuals, along with a full QA package all presented on CD ROM.

Edmund Nuttall Ltd

To supply pipework access platforms and stairways for the reconfiguration of the NATO Oil Terminal.

The work included installation of new Jetty sullage discharge pipeline in ductile iron off spec diesel and recovered fuel oil pipelines, were in carbon steel followed by painting, with a three coat 2 pack epoxy paint system.

All structural steel work and supports were designed by our Company. Full QA package on completion.

Harry Carr Ltd. Project Orange

The installation of free issue pipe and equipment for the new Gerber Food Processing Plant.

The services were HP and MP Steam lines 300 & 200 Dia steel. Process water mains water chilled water F & R and raw water all stainless steel, including testing on completion.