Line Balancing
Line Balancing

Line Balancing determine:

  • IS the job is necessary.
  • IS it being performed in the right place.
  • IS it at the right time.
  • IS it by the right operator.
3 main areas of waste which should be minimised in a line balance:

 1. Idle Time. 

  •  Work should be distributed so that each worker is 100% occupied.
  • Surplus time should be concentrated in one worker.

2. Ineffective Working Arrangement. 

  • If the product is large, should work on different sides of it be done by the same operator, or should it be split?
  • How much unnecessary travelling is involved? 

3. The Job Itself. 

  •  Does this operation add any value to the product?
  • Give critical adjustments to one person to avoid tolerance stack-up.